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Nova's AI research app represents the initial step toward our ambitious vision: creating a smart mentor that empowers researchers, experts, innovators, educators, and students to work more efficiently and productively. Our assistant is intricately designed to offer tailored support and guidance, aiding users in their research endeavors, identifying knowledge gaps, suggesting pertinent resources and strategies, and tracking progress towards their goals. This assistance extends to the analysis process and creative phases as well.


That's not all. This intelligent mentor embodied as an avatar, will lead researchers and students in immersive, interactive, and collaborative learning virtual environments driven by cutting-edge technologies, including AI, in mixed reality or the metaverse. By providing learners with personalized, immersive educational experiences, we aspire to revolutionize the learning process and unlock their full potential. While this vision is bold, our dedication to turning it into reality is steadfast.


Our team, comprising human engineers, educators, human rights advocates, and alumni from some of the world's leading universities, is resolutely committed to revolutionizing research and education, and ultimately, making the world a better place.


Future of Interactive Learning

As we look to the future, interactive and immersive learning is poised to revolutionize the way we acquire knowledge across various fields, from K-12 to higher education and professional training. It will empower learners to explore, experiment, and engage with their subjects like never before, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience which will be a key element. 

Next Generation Technologies

In the future, by harnessing the potential of AI, interactive, and immersive technologies, our mission is to ignite a fresh era of knowledge and discovery.

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